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  큐링크 외국인 체험담 일부 입니다.   좌측 하단의 what people say 로 가시면 더 많은 내용을 보실 수 있습니다.

Charles Howell III

" I first started wearing the Q-Link in June of 2002. I shortly won the Michelob Championship at Kingsmill thereafter in October and my Q-Link hasn’t come off since."

Ted Purdy

2005 Byron Nelson Classic Winner

" I began wearing a Q-Link pendant about three months ago. Since then I have focused with greater clarity and have performed better under pressure... the greatest benefit I have to show is my first PGA Tour victory, which I am ecstatic to say Q-Link played a big role in."

Mark Calcavecchia

Broke 48 year PGA scoring record while wearing Q-Link

"I first put on a Q-Link the Tuesday before the 2001 Phonex Open, and then proceeded to shoot -28 and win by 8 shots. Then in September of 2005 I again had my Q-Link on and won the Bell Canadian Open. I believe my last 2 wins were because I had a Q-Link around my neck. I feel calmer, less nervous and less anxious, which is a good thing in professional golf."

Bruce Fleisher

U.S. Senior Open Winner

" The tournament before the Senior Open, I put on the Q-Link and finished second. The next week I went out and won the Open. I definitely feel calmer since I began wearing the Q-Link. I would have to say in situations where I hit a bad shot, it didn't bother me as much. I find it easier to recover now from a bad shot. I don't know how it works or what it does, but if you ask me if I'm going to take it off, I say hell no! You don't fool with success!"

Birdie Kim

Women’s US OPEN Champion

" The Q-Link has helped me with my energy and focus on and off the course and it played a significant role in my victory at the U.S. Open."

Ernie Els

Golf - PGA

"On Ernie Els…Tour Trainer Rick Provost reports that: Ernie was thankful. He said he didn't know what was in the QLink, but it was magical. He said that it really helped.' Provost had given Els a QLink three weeks prior to winning the 2002 British Open, and spoke with him again several weeks after his win."

Mike Ferguson

Australian Senior PGA Championship Winner 2002
Winner of the Australian PGA Order of Merit Money List 2002

"The day after I wore my QLink Pendant, I shot my best round for the year in competition. I shot a 6 under 66 and went on to win the Australian SPGA Golf Championship. I have found the QLink helps me remain highly focused and in control under pressure."

Ross Metherell

Senior P.G.A. Golfer.

When I first started wearing a QLink I was on the European Seniors Golf Tour. My golfing performances were more consistent and I won two tournaments including the European Seniors PGA Champion at Belfry. A small point – after many years I stopped biting my finger nails immediately. Who knows how stress works! Many of my pupils wear QLink.

Thanks for your support with QLink.

Danny Vera

P.G.A. Golfer

When I first heard of QLink products I must admit I was a little skeptical, but upon receiving and wearing the QLink I shot 67 and noticed my stress levels had dropped and that I felt I had more control under pressure situations.  My next trial was in tournaments and I continued to remain focused throughout and had reasonable success making money in all remaining events.  I felt much more comfortable playing tournament golf and more at ease with myself on the course."

Bob Shearer

Senior PGA Golfer

I have been wearing the QLink since 2003. Since I have been wearing the QLink calmness is the thing and no headaches, no ailments for the past two years really. I must say with the QLink and jetlag, I haven’t suffered any jetlag in the last two years. I am getting of the planes walking and playing that same day usually and not having that feeling and even the second and third days their can be a problem with jetlag I am not having it. Wearing the QLink you’re not as uptight, not as nervous, you’re calmer, so your overall being is more confident. I would advise the other senior golf players not to buy a QLink because I would like to beat them. I believe in the QLink.



Tom Pernice Jr.

Golf - PGA

"The QLink's been wonderful for me. It's really helped me relax and focus much better on the golf course. I don't get nearly as uptight as I did before. All in all, it's a magical product. I'm amazed. I'm loving it so far."

Greg Chalmers

Golf - PGA

"I lost my QLink a couple of weeks ago and I didn't wear it for a week. I've got to be honest; I didn't feel as though I had as much energy. I felt really tired all week. I think it's great. It makes me feel energized, like I'm raring to go in the morning. I get up with a bit of a zip in my day. I like it. I like it a lot."

Estanbul Toledo

Golf - PGA

"I had a wonderful experience wearing the QLink. I played great in Hawaii . I felt very comfortable wearing it. I think it was the greatest thing I probably ever wore. It was so nice... so relaxing most of the day. I wore it a few times and it works for me. I'm pretty sure it works for you."

James Brown

PGA Golf Professional
Central Golf Hong Kong

"Since wearing the QLink I have certainly noticed some great changes, my mind-set towards both my working environment and playing on course has become much more concentrated, focused and yet relaxed. I generally feel a lot healthier and have a much better sleeping pattern. I would strongly recommend any golfer to wear QLink and enjoy the transformation. "

Per Ulrik Johansen

Golf - PGA

"I've been wearing the QLink for just under a year now and I'd say it has some positive effects. I feel a little bit more relaxed, more energized, just more energy overall. And also, it looks pretty good around your neck. So I think it's all positive."

Corey Pavin

Golf - PGA

"Last week I went out and my mood was a heck of a lot better and I just felt like things didn't bother me as much. Whether it was the first week out on Tour or if it was the QLink that was working, I'm not sure. But certainly felt calmer on the golf course and I felt a lot slower to get angry about stuff. and on the other side, I was a little slower to get super excited about things too, which is a good thing, to stay on an even keel. All in all, I felt good wearing it last week"

Allen Doyle

Golf - SPGA

"Last week I went out and my mood was a heck of a lot better and I just felt like things didn't bother me as much. Whether it was the first week out on Tour or if it was the QLink that was working, I'm not sure. But certainly felt calmer on the golf course and I felt a lot slower to get angry about stuff. and on the other side, I was a little slower to get super excited about things too, which is a good thing, to stay on an even keel. All in all, I felt good wearing it last week." "I don't know why the QLink works and I don't care. I do know that it is a boon to my game by helping me stay calm and focused. Since putting the QLink on, I've consistently finished in the top ten. I'm not sure what it's done for me, but if you ask me if I'm going to take it off, well I'm going to say no. I've been playing well this year and I'm not going to fool with success."

Bruce Summerhays

Golf - SPGA

"The QLink has been effective. It helps me maintain a consistency in my everyday activities, instead of going up and down so much. I'm more level and I think that gives you a little bit of an advantage, because golf is so up and down. Emotions can go one way or the other so fast and I think the QLink controls that. I think it's important."

John Jacobs

Driving Distance Champion, 1999 Senior PGA Tour

"It is so important to stand over your shot without stress distracting your focus, especially on the Senior PGA Tour. The QLink has made a significant contribution to my game by reducing stress. I use it both on and off the course. It is really an advantage in competition and to our everyday stress and hectic travel schedule."

Vincent Fernandez

Golf - SPGA

"I've been using the QLink for almost a year now and I feel a lot less tension, a lot less stress. I feel more relaxed. I feel better." "I never take it off", "I don't want to take it off", "I trust it!"

Jay Overton

Golf - SPGA

"I put the QLink on in Sacramento [last year] and I haven't taken it off! A year ago I was 0 for 18 in Monday qualifiers, I played a couple and I did alright. I played 7-8 tournaments and made $180,000. This year I played 13 times and made $300,000. Obviously, this year is better." "I rarely see anybody without one on!"

Jim Ahern

Golf - SPGA

"I know it wasn't going to hurt me, and I've been wearing it ever since." "It gives you an edge mentally!" "I'm going to continue to wear it!"

Walter Morgan

Golf - SPGA

"My test numbers were better; it's got to be working already!" "Hopefully it'll give me a little more energy and more strength."

Orville Moody

Golf - SPGA

"I always felt so sluggish with my swing, now it feels like I can go after it a little bit better, just in ten or fifteen minutes." "I was able to write a little better. I've been so shaky. I don't even sign golf balls anymore because I shake." "I feel stronger, not as sluggish; I think it gives you energy too. I felt sluggish; I was hitting it about 230. Then I felt I could go after it a little more, I was pretty close to the 250." "It made a difference, I swear it did."

Bruce Sheehan

Golf - SPGA

"I put it on two years ago, I lost it 3 or 4 months later and Jerry Garrison replaced it a few weeks after that. I was more relaxed, carefree, and my outlook was better [when I had the QLink]." "It levels out the peaks and valleys. I don't get so excited and I don't get so down." "I feel more at peace and more relaxed."

Hugh Baiocchi

Golf - SPGA

"It's amazing! It really astounded me the first time I was tested. This is the real thing!" "I'm jumpy and a little hyper on the first tee. Since wearing the QLink, I'm a bit more relaxed, it's certainly made a huge difference." "I feel a lot more rested and able to recover from the international travel quicker." "It works! And there's no doubt about it."

Fred Gibson

PGA Senior Tour

"The QLink helps reduce pressure from the stress of trying to stay exempt. I believe it is an edge that will keep me exempt on the Senior PGA Tour."

Note: Fred Gibson is well on his way to earning his exemption with the QLink. Within 10 days of giving the QLink this very enthusiastic endorsement, Fred won the PGA Vantage Championship in Winston-Salem, his 1st Senior Tour win. Congratulations Fred!

Jerry Garrison

Senior PGA Representative, Monday Qualifier

"As a rep on the Senior PGA Tour, I am always looking for something to help my clients. The QLink has been widely accepted by the players, even though many can not endorse it due to contractual obligations. They use the QLink to help with stress, concentration, focus, and to balance the pressure of competition. It can take you to a new, higher level on and off the course. My mind is quicker and I retain more thoughts. Thank you QLink!"

Brian Barnes

Senior PGA Tour

"This game is about enjoyment. When you wear the QLink you play better and your bad shots don't effect you as much. I recommend the QLink for anyone who wants to play better golf."

Jesse Patino

Senior PGA Tour

"Wow, what a difference ! I hope everyone doesn't get the QLink, because then I have an edge."

Robert Leaver

Senior PGA Tour

"It's hard to explain the difference in concentration and emotional balance I have felt since wearing the QLink. I definitely feel the QLink has added a dimension to my golf as well as my overall feeling of well-being."

Tim Ireland

Senior Professional Golfer and Member of the PGA of Australia since 1969

"I have never felt more in the zone, with total concentration and focus in my golfing career as I have in a recent golf tournament. It really works I can't explain why. I am definately less stressed on the golf course and in my professional life."

Peter Croker

PGA Golfer, inventor of the 'Croker Technique'
International Golf Coach

"The QLink is fantastic. Since wearing it I have not seen my hay fever come back. I have plenty of energy and no aches or pains. I am sure the QLink has much to do with my better health and performance. I recommend it to all people. It works just like my Golf Teaching System does. It is fantastic."

Bob Duval

PGA Senior Tour

"With the QLink, I always achieve a level of focus and concentration during competition that I seldom consistently reached in my career. It helps me achieve the Zone, reduce pressure during tournaments and even helps me sleep. What an advantage! This is a great product for anyone."

Gary McCord

Senior PGA Tour, CBS Golf Commentator

"I have always tried to link myself to a higher order of sustained flow, to be in the Zone. Being in the Zone is what the game of golf, and the game of life is all about. The QLink is the essence of being in the Zone. Wear it!"

Rosie Jones

Golf - LPGA

"Normally I have a hard time controlling my emotions, but wearing QLink, I've been extremely calm"

Carin Koch

Golf - LPGA

"I won my first LPGA Tournament 10 days after putting on a QLink, and I have not taken it off since. I feel like the QLink has helped me become a better golfer, and enjoy the stress reducing benefits off the course as well, as the mother of a three year old boy."

Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott

LPGA Instructors

"Peak performance in life and golf requires balance and clear focus. We have experienced that the QLink positively enhances these areas. We have also found with all the travel we do, wearing the QLink has decreased the symptoms of jet lag. If you care about your future, wear the QLink!"

Robert Pickett

PGA Class A Member
General Manager, Head Professional
San Geronimo Golf Course

"As a Head Golf Professional/General Manager of a golf course I come across items from time to time that are said to enhance golfing performance and until recently I hadn't paid much attention to the claims or products. My friend Jim Richmond came to me with a product called the "QLink" touting that it would reduce my stress levels while playing golf.

At first I was skeptical as the product states that it does this in a passive manner but I told Jim that I would wear it and try it. I had an immediate response to the QLink but I couldn't really identify it. I had an upcoming event to play in so I thought that I would try it there. It was a match play event, handicapped, and the gentleman I was playing had to give me 1 shot on the round. I hadn't been playing well or much recently so I didn't really expect to do well. I played one of my best rounds of the season, beginning the first four holes 3 under par and closed out my opponent on the 15th hole. I finished the day with an even par score of 71 and also beat him out of a beverage on the last hole.

As a result of this experience I have worn my QLink ever since that round. I believe in the product as my play was enhanced and my daily stress level is indeed reduced. I recommend it for anyone looking to become more!"

Dr. Joseph Parent

Mental Game/Performance Enhancement Coach
PGA, LPGA, Tour Professionals, Club Pros and top amateurs
Recently featured on CNN Headline News.

"The QLink is a powerful tool for golfers, enhancing performance under the stress of competition. It reduces mental 'chatter' and distraction, making it easier to focus, concentrate, and ease into the settled, even flow of being in the Zone. Don't tee off without it!" 

Larry Miller

Author of Holographic Golf and Golfing in The Zone

"We've all savored rare moments of peak performance, of being in the Zone. I experience them every day with my QLink!"

Gary Wiren, Ph.D.

Founder and Chairman of Golf Around the World

"Some six years ago I may have been the first PGA Professional in America to start wearing a QLink. My reason for wearing one was that I am quite convinced of the energy fields in our surroundings that can influence our health, alertness and performance. Therefore QLink is a part of my dress every day.

Tim Sheens

Wests Tigers Head Coach
4 Time Premiership Winning Coach

"Being the head coach of an NRL football club can be very stressful day to day. As a result of wearing the Q-Link Pendant my concentration and focus is much better, my recovery from training and game day is much faster, my performance has increased and my work load has increased. Q-Link gives you the balance we all need in the stressful lives we now live in. I have not gone one day since 2003 without wearing the Q-Link. The Q-Link has been invaluable and I recommend it 100% whether it be for sport, work or to enhance your overall health and well-being."

John MacLean

OAM Australia's most prominent male wheelchair athlete
Paralympian Sydney 2000
Awarded-Australian Sports Medal.
Ironman Hall of Fame 2002.
Paralympian Sydney 2000
Awarded-Australian Sports Medal.

"As a sportsman I need to be able to perform at my best on and off the sporting field. After extensively testing the QLink Pendant I have found that the QLink improves my performance, health and stamina by reducing stress throughout my body. If you did one thing this year to improve your health and performance wear a QLink. It's a must."

Natalie Cook

2000 Sydney Olympic's Beach Volleyball Gold Medallist
1996 Atlanta Olympic's Bronze Medallist

The biggest benefit I received when using the Q-Link was for jetlag. Traveling around the world to play beach volleyball, I find that it takes me three or four days to get used to where I am but when I’ve got the Q-Link on, within 24 hours I feel as good as new and can go out there and play at my optimum performance. The Q-Link helps me get the best sleep even though it’s short, so I think it’s very important to make sure that the stress, the sleep, eating the right foods, wearing the Q-Link gets you your best performance.

Bart Cummings AM

Winning Trainer of a Record 11 Melbourne Cups
Winner of 242 Group One Winners
Member - Australia Racing Hall of Fame 2001
Member - Sport Australia Hall of Fame 1991
National Sportsman of the year ABC 1975.

I have been wearing QLink since 2001 and in testing, the QLink has proven to me to significantly reduce the negative effects of stress, improve over all health and re-balance the functioning of the horse’s internal systems. I think it’s great. In fact, I feel very good

Mario Fenech

287 First Grade Rugby League Games
NSW State of Origin Representative
Australian Rugby League Representative
NRL Sponsorship Manager
The Footy Show Regular Channel 9

The QLinks SRT Technology is amazing. I was tested before and after wearing a QLink Pendant and within a couple of minutes all of the stress in my energy system was gone, it was incredible to see. My energy system is now stress free and I feel calmer, more energized and healthier. I am performing better whilst playing golf and my whole family now happily wear and use QLink Products. Less stress, better health more energy, you can’t ask for much more than that. It’s remarkable how quickly you’ll realise it’s the real deal.

Pat Cash

Wimbledon Winner 1987
One of Australia’s Greatest Tennis Players

"I have worn a QLink for years now with great success, I recover better from training, have more energy whether playing with my kids on the guitar or on the tennis court and as far as injury recovery... well at 41 I'm still playing competition tennis. I just wish QLink was around 20 years ago


Michael Patrizi

Supply Direct V8 Supercar Driver

"As a Racing Driver my job can be very stressful and involve an intensive concentration and training regime. Since wearing the Q-Link I have found both on and off the circuit my results have improved immensely. I was waking up a lot throughout the night and now I sleep right through the night which obviously helps me in training and on the race track. My stamina, Health and Performance in both training and driving has increased greatly which is giving me the chance to perform at my peak for longer. I recommend the Q-Link to anyone that needs that extra competitive edge."

Shelley Taylor-Smith

7 time World No.1 Women's Marathon Swimming Champion
1991 No.1 World Ranking Marathon Swimming (Men & Women)
5 time Winner of New York's 48km Manhattan Island Marathon
15 World Race Records holder
Author, 'Dangerous When Wet, The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story'
Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Executive Consultant & Performance Enhancement Team & Individual Coach

"I believe 'Quality of Health = Quality of Life'. To enjoy ALL the benefits of life, one must be at peak performance at all times. In order to transform your potential into performance, whether it is career, family, personal growth, relationships, spirituality, health and fitness, YOU need to have the clarity to achieve your outcome. QLink provides all that and more! Create quality in your life today and purchase a QLink. I promise you right now, YOU are worth the investment!"

Matt Pini

Dual International Rugby Union Player
Represented Australia 1995 World Cup
Represented Italy 1999 World Cup
Represented Queensland Rugby Union
Represented ACT Rugby Union

I’ve been wearing Q-Link since 2003 and the benefits I’ve found from the QLink are I sleep like a rock now, which is fantastic. Stress levels are down especially when I’m dealing with the kids and just basically, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been sick so I have found a benefit in that. No cold, no flu. It’s been fantastic. My whole family are now healthier and happier now that we all use QLink Products.

David Rhodes

2004 Greece Olympic Games Kayaking

After the first week and a half, I found my sleep was really good and my recovery rate in training started to kick in. You’ll be glad to know I recently traveled overseas to an event really well wearing the QLink. When I arrived I had no feeling of any jet lag and the last few days have been like any other back home. I’m really impressed with what you had to say about the QLink, I was a little unsure if I’d pull up the way you said I would, but I have and will always travel with my QLink Products…my sleeping patterns whilst I was overseas have been great as well. I also think I deal with stress pretty well but the QLink has enabled me just to relax and enjoy myself and not to worry so much.

Clinton Perren

QLD Bulls Cricketer.

I’ve read in magazines about the benefits that could be gained by wearing a Q-Link and I thought well surely this can help me in the game of Cricket. I have found since wearing the QLink I’m a lot calmer and I don’t get as wound up, on or off the field. I’m more than happy with the results I’m getting. I’ve definitely found a balance. I’ve definitely found a way to manage myself on and off the field and still get the most out of my game and I can’t thank Q-Link enough for that.

Ashley Noffke

QLD Cricketer.

The first day of training that I wore my QLink, I noticed improved concentration throughout the duration of the session. Since then, I have been able to concentrate for long periods with bat and ball in hand. I have no doubts that my QLink is improving my cricket for Queensland and my general well being. You will not find me competing without my QLink around my neck!

Graham Manou

S.A. Cricketer, Vice Captain.

As soon as I started wearing my Q-link pendant I noticed immediate results. My sleeping pattern became more regulated, I noticed a huge increase in energy, and found that every aspect of my life has become more and more enjoyable. The most pleasing aspect has been the noticeable increase in concentration and focus when i am standing out in the field wicket-keeping all day. And believe me when you have to squat up and down 600 times a day, it's invaluable. I have Q-link to thank, for giving me that something extra on and off the sporting field.

Fiona Taylor

Winner of 7 World Championships in windsurfing
1992 Olympian
Fitness Trainer and Director of Barakaya.

"I have been using the Q-Link for 4 years now and not only does it work, it has been a life saver for me when working on the computer, in the car, in city buildings and when flying. Our work at Barakaya.com in the area of High Performance and the superconscious zone only confirm that the QLink is an essential accessory to wear in our modern lifestyle."

Rich Meeker

3 Time U.S. National Cycle Champion
United States Postal Service

"The QLink is amazing. I noticed an increase in positive energy and stamina. It has definitely helped in many aspects of my normal everyday life and also in my cycling training."

Kevin Saunders

World Champion Wheelchair Athlete
Author of "There's Always a Way"

"I feel fortunate to have found out about the QLink Pendant and the possibilities of what it can do for people. With the QLink I have increased energy, less pain, and quicker recovery from my workouts."

Bernd Flessner

German Surf Champion

"Since I have been using my QLink pendant I feel more balanced and more efficient during my sport activities. It also gives me a better feeling while using my mobile phone and my personal computer."

Max Wenisch

Austrian Marathon 5-time Austrian Marathon champion
Two-time half-marathon champion
The only Austrian ever to take part in the World Championship 1997

"Since wearing the QLink I can really make the most of my energy potential. My concentration, condition, recovery and sleep are much better. I feel balanced, fit and energetic."

Carole Anderson
"Flying long haul as cabin crew for 7 years, I continually experienced the symptoms associated with jet lag, severe tiredness, headaches, irritability and irregular sleeping patterns. I wore a Q-Link bracelet on a trip to London direct from Australia and I was amazed on arrival and over the next few days that I was completely jet lag free. I did not think Q-Link would be as effective as what it was. I have been amazed with its benefits. I did not suffer from the usual grogginess, fatigue, lack of concentration, instead feeling clear headed, energised, alert and in sync with the current time zone.

This was a first for me, after years of suffering! Since wearing the Q-Link bracelet, my trips abroad have become more enjoyable. I can travel stress free and be productive in meetings on arrival. I have also noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and my pre menstrual symptoms. From my own personal experience, I would say Q-Link is a must for all flight personnel as it will significantly reduce the affects of jet lag and will improve your overall health."

Allan & Barbara Pease
"As international presenters and authors on human communication skills, Barbara and I travel to around 30 countries every year and that can create significant areas of stress and jetlag. Since wearing the Q-Link Pendant we've both definitely noticed a dramatic reduction in jetlag and stress as well as an improvement in our concentration and focus. This means we're able to give 100% to our speaking seminars and television shows. We were sceptical at first but found that Q-Link really does what it promises."
Joel Bauer

Author, Speaker and Consultant

"My Q-Link has increased my concentration, energy, awareness and eliminated my Jetlag 100% for over four years. As an Author, Speaker and marketing consultant, energy and focus are mission critical.

Q-Link achieved my objectives and so much more!"

Lynne McTaggart – Author
Living the field and The Intention Experiment. 

“There’s a wide range of new products that have their origins in the science of quantum physics and the zero point in particular. One noteworthy example is the Q-Link, developed by Clarus and with the involvement of Professor William Tiller. Early scientist trials suggest the product may indeed deliver many of the claims made for it by its developers.”

Margot Anand - Author

of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy and many other books International Workshop Leader and Speaker

"I have been using the QLink as a tool to help keep my resilience high during seminars, book tours, workshops and lectures. It allows me to stay calm and centred in high intensity situations. To me the QLink is a short cut to meditation. It creates a wonderful sense of inner spaciousness which allows me to welcome new situations with presence and clarity."

Peter Spann
Managing Director - Freeman Fox - Regarded as Australia's most successful wealth educator and Author of 'Wealth Magic'.

"Before I started wearing my QLink I must admit I was sceptical, but because I am a public speaker and I am around electromagnetic fields all day I thought I'd give it a try.

I really notice the difference when I have to push myself and when I am under the lights with transmitting microphones all around me. The energy boost has been amazing. People are amazed at the energy I put into my seminars - QLink has been a big part of that."

Charles Kovess

Director of Passionate Performance
Author of Passionate People Produce

"You Want Massive Energy Reserves? Do you want to feel confident in your physical capacities? Then wear a QLink day and night, loving life even more."

Darren Stephens & Jackie Tallentyre
Directors of Mars Venus Institute of Australia

"The QLink Pendant has without question enhanced our performance both on and off stage. We both noticed a dramatic difference in our energy levels and our ability to put in the long hours in the office became much easier."

Michelle Kwon

Flight Attendant

"I have been a flight attendant for 11 years and have always thought that I coped fairly well with jet lag, until I felt the difference when I started wearing the QLink Pendant. The first time I noticed a dramatic difference was after a round trip to Japan. After the flight I was still thinking clearly, even though I still felt some physical tiredness I did not have that spacey feeling I so often experience after long international trips. I would highly recommend the QLink Pendant to every flight attendant, on any airline, and to anybody else that travels by air frequently."

Peter Sun

Peter Sun Marketing and Training, Australia

"Since I use the computer a lot and sit in front of the screen most of the day, I found I was getting fatigued, prior to wearing the QLink Pendant. Now I seem to have a lot more energy after spending time before the computer screen and my eyes are not as tired the next day.

Electromagnetic and electronic technology is all around us today, I wear the QLink everywhere. It has been a tremendous boost to my productivity as you can imagine. Thanks for all your help and best wishes."

Steve McGregor

Bio Meridian Corporation

"I have conducted thousands of tests using the Bio Meridian FDA-registered MSA-21 stress assessment system in every industry and I have never seen anything like the QLink results. Whether the QLink was worn for 2 minutes or 2 days, every subject exhibited a dramatic increase in measurable energy, a strengthened resistance to the effects of stress, & a shift to their ideal performance state."

Ken Wilber

President, The Integral Institute, Boulder, CO, Author of A Brief History of Everything and 16 other books on consciousness and Integral theory and practice.

"The QLink is a technology that amplifies and clarifies the body's energies. By reducing the noise in any energy field, this technology strengthens and purifies the body's own energies.

This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance the body's ability to protect itself from harmful environmental radiation, and thus it helps to remove harmful influences on the organism's health and well being.

This technology therefore removes some of the blocks to inner transformation to higher and healthier states of being."

Alfredo Kofman

PhD, Former Professor and Teacher of the Year at MIT Sloan School of Management, Author of The Fifth Discipline Handbookand many other books on Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Economics. Top consultant to Chrysler, Shell Oil, General Motors, EDS, Intel, Phillips and other corporations.

"The QLink works, but that is not nearly as important as why it works - just like an apple falling is not nearly as important as why it falls. The operating principles and theories behind the QLink are so innovative that they have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the human being - and the Universe.

I have been impressed by the QLink because it has helped me balance my physical, emotional, and cognitive energies. I feel a greater clarity and well being in my mind, and my doctor has detected the same clarity and well being in my blood.

But more importantly, I'm impressed because the QLink has opened the most fascinating exploration on the nature of reality I've ever undertaken. I sincerely hope that more people find the QLink a key to health and development."

Chrispoher Manton

Nutritional Biochemist/Medical Technologist
B.App.Sc.M.Nut & Diet. Dip Ass,Nat, members CMA

"After Live & Dry Blood Testing, testing both humans and horses I have yet to see the QLink fail ot produce positive changes in blood marker parameters. By improving white blood cell function and endocrine system homeostasis I have witnessed my clients energy levels lift, their headaches disappear and physical and mental stress relieved."

Herbert Ross DC, Kerri Brenner LAC with Burton Goldberg

Authors of Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide on Sleep Disorders

Chapter 7, pg 176
— The QLink ClearWave clock is recommended to improve sleep. "...The night after she installed the Clarus clock, Janice began to sleep better. In three months, all her symptoms were gone, including the insomnia and restless sleep."

Chapter 7, pg 188
— The Clarus ClearWave and the QLink Pendant are recommended in the "Protection From EMFs" section.

D. A. Versendaal, D.C. C.R.A

"Clarus products strengthen the human bioenergy system to the point where the harmful effects of EMR fields are neutralized.The way the products work results in an ordered state of biologically strengthened natural energies that improve sleep, increase energy levels, and create a necessary stream of continuing positive energy to the intrinsic batteries of the body."

Chip Denham
"My main benefit of wearing the QLink is that I have less headaches, and the headaches that I do have are less intense. I attribute it to the QLink. I work around computers, fax machines, a lot of the high-tech machinery that I've heard had a lot of electromagnetic fields that tend to interrupt the body's flow. Since my headaches are less intense and it allows me to get my job done to lead a more productive day and at the end of the day I am less stressed and tense and my body doesn't feel like it's been through the ringer. I would definitely recommend the QLink"
Jorge Cruise

Author of the New York Times & USA Today Best Seller: 8 Minutes In The Morning
Americas #1 online weight loss specialist

"I use all the QLink Family of Products in my home and office. The ClearWave 3 protects me against the toxic effects of cell phones and computers (EMF). I can work on my computer and still feel fresh and energetic after long hours. I am also recommending the QLink Technology to all my weight loss clients to maximize their weight loss. Why? If you want a fat-burning metabolism, you must first rebuild your lean muscle tissues via strength training and second with restful sleep. Sleep is when muscle fibers rebuild."

Joseph Angleitner D.C.

DIBAK (Diplomat of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology) La Jolla, CA

"I have tested the QLink's effectiveness utilizing Applied Kinesiology with many of my patients against computer screens, my X-ray generator, power lines, cellular telephones and color television sets. It has not failed to produce positive results in the presence of these evoked environmental stressors. I've never seen these excellent benefits with a product before."

Alice Inoue

Hawaii TV personality
Sky TV and Japan News

"Some of you may have noticed that I always wear a pendant on my shows. I've had so many questions about this. It is the way I protect myself from EMF and daily stresses. I wear this pendant all the time and noticeably feel better with it. I've had mine for 2 years now and can't live without it!"

W. Karl Parker D.C.

F.I.C.C. Executive Vice President, Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation, Dallas TX

"Our personal research findings give us good reason to be very concerned about the negative effects of man-made electromagnetic fields on the body's innate ability to heal. Clarus (QLink) has been shown to reduce stress and improve efficiency and productivity. Our staff has noticed a definite difference in their health and energy, and even more positive attitudes"

Traute Greening

Sunnyvale, California

"I'm 66 years old and was given a gift by a friend of mine. It was the 'QLink' that was supposed to give me more energy for all my hobbies, tennis, gym and grandchildren. Also I didn't fully believe in it. I told myself "why not wear it and see". To my great surprise and skepticism, I found that I had become more energetic, more centered than I had ever felt before. It was truly a great gift and now I wear it with confidence and like to share that recognition with many others. I still don't understand how it works, but I can always tell the difference when I don't wear it (more tired) then put it back on again (more energy and enjoy my life more) so I know it really does work. Just thought I'd share my experience with you."

Donald Epstein, D.C.

Author of The 12 Stages of Healing

"I wore the QLink on a flight to Europe. This is the first time I have not been fatigued, depleted and worn down after spending hours in a commercial airline."

Jean-Jacques de Mesterton

Author of The Succession

"It's about performance. I like to write first thing in the morning; a good long stretch, usually six hours. Sitting in front of the computer was seriously draining--I lost the will to live by noon. My workouts were agonizing. I had nothing left at the end of the day. The QLink is remarkable. I started wearing the pendant three years ago. I can now write for six hours, workout with intensity and focus, and still have enough energy left to enjoy whatever the evening may bring. I have never been more productive."

Jeremy Guscott

England Rugby International / TV Presenter

"I felt much better after about a week... I'm on the computer quite a lot, so I used to go to bed with tired eyes and find it a struggle to get up. With QLink, that's gone: I wake up more refreshed, ready to go training, and I don't feel tired at all. Generally, I do feel like I have more energy - and I've got nothing to gain for saying this. It's given me a healthier feeling. Right from the moment I open my eyes, it's rock and roll"

Brad Holiday
"My name is Brad Holliday and I wear the QLink Pendant. In my profession as an Airtraffic Controller mental clarity is a must. The QLink has definitely increased my sharpness and reduced my stress level. The facility I work at has over 50 radar displays as well as communication equipment at each display. The QLink allows me to work in this environment of electromagnetic fields with increased energy and focus. I recommend this to anyone who needs to be at the top of their game."
Joseph McClendon III

Head Trainer, Anthony Robbins Companies
Author of "Unlimited Power: A Black Choice"

"This little masterpiece is truly a wonderful gift of energy and clarity that everyone deserves to experience. I have been wearing the QLink for about 8 years now. Energy, clarity, and peacefulness are just a few of the outstanding benefits I consistently experience from it. You owe it to yourself to operate at your optimum."

Lisa Fitz

Powerful and Energetic German singer
Actress, Entrepreneur and Writer

"I perform 100 one woman shows every year, managing my company and continuous traveling require all my energy. The QLink pendant helps me to use my energy resources in the best way. Now I am less troubled by lack of sleep, long-distance flights and stress at work and my energy pool seems to be inexhaustible."

Dave Zobl

Entrepreneur, Singer & Songwriter of Best Day Yet and Chapters

"I started using the QLink approximately four months ago and my experience has been nothing short of awesome. The increase in my energy levels, and in my ability to focus has been dramatic. As a singer / songwriter, I have noticed a definitive improvement in my guitar playing and if I can stay out of my own way, song ideas seem to come much more easily and with more frequency. That being said, probably the most empowering effect it has had is in my yearning to heal old wounds. Whereas the process of digging deep can be a challenging one, I have felt a very potent desire to take those necessary steps toward healing. I feel there is no coincidence that the timing of that desire coincides with my QLink usage. I am convinced it was (and is) an enormous catalyst in my moving forward with that process, which in turn has lead to the letting go of a lot of baggage that inhibited me from enjoying a more balanced acceptance of life. Obviously that is a continual process and the vicissitudes of life will always be a constant, but I do feel I am embracing those changes with a lightness and sense of humor that I didn't possess prior to the QLink. All that, and it's helped my putting too."

Larry Markson

The Master's Circle Practice Management Consultants

"I wear my QLink every day! I sit in front of a computer all day and live in airplanes, yet I feel no jet lag, sleep like a baby, and have no adverse affects to the electromagnetic fields (EMF) that I am exposed to on a daily basis! My energy stays high and stress stays low."

Dr. Wolfgang Pollany

Sports Scientist with focus on Training and Sports Psychology

"First I tested the QLink myself and observed that with the QLink I recover much faster, have a higher frustration tolerance in stress situations and that my sleeping pattern improved. After these positive experiences I gave the QLink to some of my serious athletes. Without exception, they only reported of positive results."

Andy & Susana Heuchert

Owners of the Leading Fitness Center in Wolfsburg, Germany
Aerobic Instructors

"The Hi-Tec Human Energizer for our optimal energies! The perfect solution for the increasing electromagnetic pollution!"

Ted Korren D.C.

"I put it on, flew to London and had no jet lag. Never happened before. But it's more than jet lag why I continue to wear my QLink. I want to protect myself and my family from Electro-pollution."


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